the world in a voice

nonna's pasta
this audio portrait comes from one of the first recordings i made with my nonna. in it, she and i are making pasta, which was important for a number of reasons. making pasta was something she was very good at, so it was a way for me to learn about, and preserve her technique; it created a comfortable atmosphere for her to share stories about her past; but above all, it was a great way to for us to spend time together. (2:18)

nonna's easter eggs
this is a bit of a funny story about an encounter that took place in the confectionary store my nonna and nonno once owned. it illustrates my nonna's entrepreneurial spirit, which was important to her not only because she was a new resident who aspired toward economic stability, but also, because she was an independent woman who played a pivotal role in the success of a small business. (2:04)

fifty pairs of pants
in this audio portrait, my nonna tells a story about the alteration service she and my nonno ran following their arrival to canada. at that time, much of their business came from a menswear store elsewhere in welland, which did not have an in-house tailor. on this particular occasion, which happened to be easter weekend, 1954, the shop owner had a quota for my grandparents that was well beyond a typical order. (1:47)