inventing havana


TEDxSFU talk: the sweetest sound in the city (2017)

in this TEDx talk, i build a case for integrating the study of sound and listening in discussions about urban design and planning. to do so, i draw from examples in the cities of vancouver and havana, cuba.

se bota el tanque (2016)

this multimedia (audio/text) piece was presented in the "water works!" online exhibition (march, 2016) hosted by water wheel: an interactive, collaborative platform dedicated to global water justice and advocacy.


the sweet sounds of havana: space, listening, and the making of sonic citizenship (2015)

this short essay published on the sound studies blog Sounding Out! was selected as one of the top ten Sounding Out! posts of 2015.

image courtesy university of miami libraries, heritage collection.



el paisaje sonoro de la habana (the soundscapes of havana) (2012)

this spanish-language publication in CATAURO: revista cubana de antropología (año 14, no.26) is an elaboration of the sound-based methodology that i enacted during my fieldwork in the city of havana.

the table of contents for the issue can be viewed here.