urban ethnography lab in berlin, september 2018

in the fall of 2018, i participated in “beyond urban transformation”, an urban ethnography workshop hosted by humboldt university, presented in cooperation with the university of toronto and harvard university. it was an excellent meeting of ethnographers of, and from, different cities around the globe. the workshop was filled with stimulating lecture presentations, group discussions, and participatory exercises that we conducted both inside the classroom and in the public spaces of the city. Carolin Gentz of the urban ethnography lab at the georg simmel center for metropolitan studies and Aylin Yildirim Tschoepe of universität basel did a wonderful job organizing and facilitating the workshop, and have since published a booklet that captures the work produced during our time together. i’ve also included some photos of my own travels, since it was my first visit to berlin (though not my last).

Vincent AndrisaniComment