i'm an instructor in the school of journalism and communication at carleton university. my research and teaching extends across the field of communication studies, and i have expertise in sound studies, cultural geography, and media production. my work has been presented at conferences and festivals internationally, and can be found in outlets such as sounding out! blog, TEDx, and tapuya: latin american science, technology, and society. presently, i deliver the school of communication’s introductory courses and a fourth-year digital media production workshop.

my work as an academic is informed by my time as a performing musician. in both toronto, canada and in havana, cuba, i studied with local musicians (including havana-based drummer and composer Giraldo Piloto Barreto), which enabled me to perform with a variety of artists and across a range of musical styles. my experiences as a performer fuelled my interest in cuban popular music, which evolved into a research project that explored the cultural resonance of some of the island’s most popular artists.

my doctoral research was also based in the city of havana, cuba, where a residency at fundación fernando ortiz supported a project on sound, listening, and urban citizenship. this work has been disseminated in in both written and audio media format, and it gave life to a media-based form of inquiry that is now an integral part of my teaching. presently, my research includes an oral history project exploring the themes of migration and settlement, and a music studies project exploring the gendered codes of participation in online musical communities.

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